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Customer Appreciation Program

General Policy, Terms and Conditions

Sarducci’s Pizza will accept only two types of receipts as valid:

  • Pickup/Take Out Cash Register receipt from a purchase in-store.
  • Delivery receipt containing the amount paid and the delivery address provided by the delivery driver.

Debit or Credit Card receipts are invalid, and should not be included among your receipts.

If the sum-total of all receipts is equal to or greater than three hundred and fifty dollars, you may bring those receipts to any Sarducci’s Pizza location to have that total verified by our staff. Only authorized Sarducci’s Pizza Staff can verify your receipts, and they must be verified in-store.

All delivery and pickup receipts do not have an expiry date.

Nothing in this policy is intended to grant any right(s), to any individual or entity. This offer is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used in combination with any other promotion, discount, or offer. Customers may redeem up to a maximum of three hundred and fifty dollars in receipts per day. Offer is for pickup only. This offer is subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. Sarducci’s Pizza does not waive any rights by the failure to enforce this policy, and/or these terms and conditions, in every instance in which they may apply.